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Our Story


Gozo Taxi Service has been in business for more than 20 years and during this period we learnt a lot and gained priceless experience under our belt. We know exactly what it takes and we always do our utmost to deliver a sterling service to our clients. We go that extra mile to ensure our clients enjoy their stay on the Island, minimising that extra effort one can easily avoid.

Offering a vast variety of services, we have always tried to bring to the customer a great service with competitive prices. Professionalism & Reputation are two main characteristics which distinguish Gozo Taxi Service from any other cab service. We give a lot of importance to the latter as we do believe that our clients only deserve the best service. Ever since GTS was formed, we have gained a sterling reputation, which is why we are the Leading Cab Service on the Island of Gozo.

One other thing that make us stand our from the rest is that we are passionate about our jobs and we do it from our hearts

Team Gozo Taxi Service

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