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Packages & Offers

At Gozo Taxi Service, we understand that planning every single detail of your holiday is real stress. That is why we're re-introducing our Packages. With 3 different packages for you to choose from, you will definitely make the most out of your holiday, with less stress, with the best value for your money and being taken care of by the Leading Cab Service on the Island. For more information about the Tour included in the package, kindly refer to our Island Tours section.
If on the other hand you'd like to 'Design Your Own' package, please click here


2 AIRPORT TRANSFERS (split shared)

1 ISLAND TOURS (the wanderer)


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Design Your Own Package
Terms & Conditions
Packages for larger groups are also available. ​Unused transfers cannot be refunded and all transfers are to be used only on the Island of Gozo. Upgrades to your package is available against a fee 
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