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Things to do in Gozo

While Gozo might be small in size, it is a gem waiting to be discovered

A bird's eye view of the Island

Take a look at the world map and try to find Gozo! We’re quite small, right? Yet you’ll be amazed how this small Gem in the Mediterranean is full of wonders. Whether you’re visiting the Island on a quest to find its hidden treasures or to just lay back on one of the many idyllic beaches, you’re surely going to hit the jackpot.



The quaint villages offer hours of roaming around the little winding streets where you come across laid back cafes and restaurants where you can try our local delicacies. 


A vacation in Gozo is ideal for families looking to explore Gozitan folklore, be it the village 'Festa' with their breathtaking firework displays or the spontaneous Carnival festivities. Gozo is great for photographers, bloggers, influencers (they’re the in-thing at the moment!)... as well as being the ideal romantic getaway. 


We want your stay in Malta to be unforgettable one, that's why we are also offering you a free travel guide of the Maltese Islands. You will find all must-see attractions and activities as well as itineraries to plan your stay. In this guide, you will also be able to directly book the best activities in Malta & Gozo at the best prices available. 




Gozo is renowned for its rich history, beautiful architecture, numerous churches brimming with religious artefacts and cultural hotspots. But if you’re more of an adventurous traveler there’s a whole world, both on land and underwater to discover. Get your snorkels and cameras ready to capture amazing memories and take back home with you. The weather is great almost all year round but don’t get too adventurous without your sunblock as you’ll be taking a sunburn back home too!

Cultural activities are on all year round and Gozo boasts of not one, but two Opera houses in its Capital. 


Gozo is gorgeous but hey, don’t just take our word for it, experience it for yourselves and make sure to hashtag (#gozotaxiservice) your photos on social media, we’d love to see what you were up to and you get the chance to be featured on our feed!

''We want you to make this experience an unforgettable one with less hassles and more time to enjoy the Island''

''Gozo is great for photographers, bloggers, influencers, families as well as a romantic gateaway''

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